Case Study


Indian Oil Ltd. (IOCL) - Automarshal

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Sunbio 2019



As and when the customer is entering the gasoline bunk, the customer should be able to easily find out which bay is free for filling the gas.


This would optimize the number of people filling the petrol bunk.


It should be a user-friendly system for the user to easily identify and access.


At some places, maybe there is no Wi-Fi or SIM. So, without this system, the data should still be transmitted. This proposed system will use WAN to transmit the data to the gateway, and the gateway will transmit the data to the LED display.


The objective of the system is to proactively calculate the X Bar and R chart for all the test benches integrated to Smart Factory to bring down production stoppages and customer complaints for not meeting the Customer specifications.


This will improve On Time Delivery and On Quality Delivery and thus increase customer confidence level. By monitoring and control of the process and its sustainable results can bring the world class process capability standard of Six Sigm