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Saktiya Narayanan


Sathya is a Technology Leader known for Specialization in Life Science (Discovery) & Clinical Domain. Has good understanding of the business needs and building highly secure effective technology solutions and keeps updated with the emerging technologies. A successful and diverse background spanning Architecting technical solutions, operational management, service delivery and account management on various domains like Pharma, Clinical, ecommerce, SCM and ERP. Sathya has successfully delivered major global applications for Eli Lilly, Johnson & Johnson, Jubilant and many other pharmaceutical Companies. He is a proven business leader who blends business and entrepreneurial leadership with exceptional skills in software architecture and development. Sathya has successfully delivered lot many software applications for US and Europe.

Nandhini Saktiyan


For the past 25 years, Nandhini Saktiyan had the privilege of serving administrative position in International standard of Educational Institutions, where she honed her skills in organization, team management, and fostering a collaborative and engaging environment. Transitioning into the realm of IT, she has brought a wealth of experience in coordinating diverse activities and ensuring the smooth functioning of operations. In her role as Administrative Manager, she is committed to optimizing her administrative processes, supporting all teams, and contributing to the efficiency of the workplace.

Vasanth V

@Project Lead

In this field you are in the frontline of new technologies. You get to explore and experience new technologies. When you think with a problem solving mindset, that plus, the skills you acquire, equip you to come up with really innovative solutions. Currently everything is Automation and Web technologies that helps manage the work load of the humans by providing Human Computer Interface.

Mary Maglene Jayanthi

@Project Coordinator

Sunbio provides a very dynamic environment that helps you grow holistically. I enjoy the various projects I have worked on and they helped broaden my perspective professionally.

Aiswarya P

@Senior Software Engineer

IT industry is a vast industry which is growing day by day and its important for us to update ourselves to hold on to the industry. It encompasses the development, deployment, and maintenance of technology-related products and services.

Vishnu Prasath R

@Senior Software Engineer

In this industry, learning and adaptability is essential and a very crucial part of professional growth it is important to adapt yourselves to the situation presented before you to truly solve the problem

Manisha G

@Software Engineer

I have learned a lot about IT and web development here. All I can say from my experience is that the industry is ever-changing and your perspective, your horizons are ever-expanding. And if you adopt yourself to this industry, long enough, you will be a part of the metaverse. "Welcome to the Metaverse!".

Pragadeeswari A

@Software Engineer

when you come from an IT background you may or may not be industry-ready. Learning to be industry-ready and being able to voice your ideas / opinions and actually implementing them as real-world solutions is very essential

Ramya R

@Software Engineer

I'm from a non - IT field and today I'm a web-developer. I've had quite a journey into this field. It has helped me gain a great sense of analytics. In this industry its important to keep learning and honing your skills.

Nithin Raj S

@Software Engineer

I am from an electronics background and now I am working as a web developer as well as an IOT developer. Automation is now the main role, so the future depends on IoT, and you can learn more things and explore lots of things from here. I have innovated new technologies in the IoT. In SunBio, they valued my ideas, so I can effectively work here.

Rahesh S

@Software Engineer

the whole world is moving and innovation towards AI and Image analytics. Therefore, its important for us to keep up with the rate at which AI & Image Analytics is evolving to truly experience and solve the endless possibilities it provides. Just learning about AI is not enough. It is important that we consider it's real world implications while actually implementing and working with it.

Sam Christober Raja K

@Software Engineer

This is the place you explore and learn lots of things. We value the team & our Team members above all else. In this industry you need to be very dynamic and learn about upcoming innovations because the industry changes everyday. IoT is the basis of Artificial intelligence and machine learning. The world needs to open up to the millionpossibilities the millions that IoT has to offer.

Bharathiraja T

@Software Engineer

Learning is more than just reading. It's about understanding something so profoundly that it empowers you to create. I take a lot of pride in saying that I am truly an engineer. I say this, because engineering means creating and building things. And it gives me a lot of joy to say I have created & built Mobile applications and Websites that have truly impacted real people, solving real problems.

Shridevi S S

@Digital Marketing Executive

Business development involves a lot of strategic thinking along with problem solving skills. My background in Ui/UX, research and STEAM learning helps me adapt seamlessly to Business Development. It Makes it easier to intergrate UX research and design thinking and apply it in business development in term of strategies to achieve long-term goals for the company.

Venkatesh B

@Trainee Software Engineer

I'm from a non - IT field and today I'm a web-developer. I've had quite a journey, I have a heightened sense of learning, especially in coding. I believe coding has many more capabilities in the future. Coding requires us to be analytical and thinking analytically can help in all walks of life.