Case Study

OLT Lockers

Chennai Metro Rail (CMRL) -
BOLT Lockers

The All New Locker system
Digital Lockers Facilities

Sunbio 2019



ABB required a Statistical Process Control Solution
the cultural change from an approach of reactive to
proactive through Statistical Process Control in
Electrification Smart Power (ELSP).

Data Analytics in the digital platform of SMART Factory
to bring down production stoppages and customer
complaints for not meeting the Customer specifications.
This will improve On Time Delivery and On Quality

Delivery and thus increase customer confidence level.
By monitoring and control of the process and its
sustainable results can bring the world class process
capability standard of Six Sigma


BOLT Lockers are equipped with advanced electro
-mechanical locks which can be opened only by entering
the passcode.

The BOLT Lockers is built on the advanced mobile
technology to be connected to the Cloud through

BOLT Lockers is well designed and have been through
various FEA analysis for its load bearing capacity.Built on
mild steel and colour coated to give elegant look &

All users are notified through SMS & Email.

•Effective use of Safe lockers prevents theft of Digital
gadgets like Laptops, Tablets etc during the event.

• Admin can trace back the user of leftover baggage's

• Lockers can be operated by only registered users. Any
unauthorized usage will raise a alarm to Admin & specific

Totally Safe & Secure